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BLindaswallowBLindaswallowatme4BLindaswallowflyCSheppard Puzzles and Games 1 -iso2500 f9 1-400th-3130CSheppard Puzzles and Games 2 -iso1600 f9 1-250th-3150CSheppard Puzzles and Games 3 -iso1250 f11 1-500th-3060026CSheppard Puzzles and Games 4 -iso2500 f8 1-1000th-1566CSheppard Puzzles and Games 5 -iso2500 f8 1-800th-1597Day, L. - Sunday Morning at Vonna'sDJohnson - Portal2DJohnson- Puzzles and Games-5-9-20-1DJohnson- Puzzles and Games-5-9-20-2Ken Ballweg ~ Nature ~ A Knot of KoiKen Ballweg - Open - Frankfurt at NightQuinault lodge-1Quinault lodge-2

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