SoFoBoMo - The Rules

  • Sign up: email your intention to Lorraine Day at [email protected] by June 1.

  • Pick a ‘Fuzzy month’ – any 31 day period (consecutive days) between May 20 and June 20, 2020

  • In this fuzzy month, take a minimum of 35 photos, a maximum of as many as you want

  • Make an ebook out of these photographs. You can use InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Word, Publisher, Powerpoint – anything you want to use.  You can include text, or not. You can create a complicated design, or something as simple as a single photo on each page, no text.  (You should, however, create a cover that has the title, your name, and some reference to this Bellingham Photo Club’s Solo Photo Book in a Month 2020.)

  • Convert it to PDF. (Almost all text or graphic software can do this under ‘Save As.)’

  • Upload your PDF by emailing to David Johnson at [email protected] by the last day of your ‘fuzzy month.’

  • Celebrate your achievement! Your very own photo book!

Your book can be as simple, or as complicated, as you’d like.  Text is not required, but is not prohibited, either.  You should have a title, identify yourself and mention somewhere that the book was made for the Bellingham Photo Club’s 2020 Solo Photo Book Month project. A cover page would be nice.

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