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D Johnson - Critique - Caring AlexanderD Johnson - Critique - Chuckanuts over Samish RiverD Johnson - Critique - Skagit Sky & AgricultureHayes-GC1-Mt ShuksanHayes-GC2-Picture Lake-Mt BakerHayes-GC3-Table Mtn-Mt BakerJ Frantska No Catching the WindJ Frantska smile for the seasonJ Frantska twilight zoneKen Ballweg- Three Moods of a Mountain 1Ken Ballweg- Three Moods of a Mountain 2Ken Ballweg- Three Moods of a Mountain 3Kirkland a 4 Shoe shine boy GuatemalaKirkland a 5 Boy eating an orange GuatemalaKirkland a 6 Walking to School GuatemalaPratschner 1 - Whatcom Falls FallPratschner 2 - Upper Whatcom Falls FallPratschner 3 - Whatcom Falls Park - FallSanders-Crit_1Sanders-Crit_2

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