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Special Notices

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2021 NWCCC Traveling Image Salon (TIS)

This is a digital image club competition, like the Traveling Print Salon, but without prints, and is open to all NWCCC clubsThe BPC is a Participant Club with monthly judging of images from other NWCCC clubs. 

Each month these images will be shown at the club meeting with "pick-five" voting to be also viewed online. Go to the BPC TIS page or https://nwcameraclubs.org/tis2

BPC Members vote by sending a list of the 5 choices, by ID #, to David Johnson before October 14th.

NWCCC Conference 2021 Image, Print and Slideshow Competitions

The NWCCC will be having individual Open Image and Print, and Digital Slideshow Competitions this November. Entries are due September 31, 2021. It's time to start getting ready. Details at the NWCCC website. https://nwcameraclubs.org/competitions/


Meetings will be on the 2nd Wednesday, and the 4th Wednesday of the month
at 7:00pm on Zoom.

  • The first monthly meeting will be for an instructional program, and
  • the second meeting will be for photo sharing (Monthly Themes) and open discussion (Critiques).

During the COVID-19 virus crisis, the BPC will not hold in-person meetings.

Monthly BPC image galleries are split into Monthly Themes and Critiques. Members can submit up to 3 photos in each. See the current newsletter for more information.

Contact Ham Hayes or David Johnson for an invitation.

BPC Members may upload up to 20 images to a personal gallery for public viewing but no downloading. Share the link to your Gallery. Please comment on other members' images and please update your galleries frequently.

Late breaking news can be found on the Blog page!

Visit the Calendar Page for more scheduled events.