SoFoMoBo - The What and Why

Why should you participate in SoFoBoMo? There are a lot of reasons.

A lot of photographers have considered doing a book, but various concerns have stopped them. Heck, the same concerns stopped us. We worried that our photos weren't good enough. We worried that we didn't have enough photos. We worried that we couldn't write decent text, or couldn't do a decent job of layout, or that we didn't have the time to do a good job. 

The perfect is the enemy of the good.

SoFoBoMo gives us (and you) an end run around those fears. There's no requirement that the photos be good – you can’t do ‘perfect’ in 30 days. (But we suspect you'll be surprised by how good yours are if you participate.) There's no requirement to have any text at all. And there is no requirement on quality of layout. There are just three constraints: all the work must be done in one 31-day stretch that falls completely inside the two-month window; the book must contain at least 35 photos; and you have to generate a .PDF of the book. That's it.

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